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How many times have you been sitting outside taking in the sun only to have your peace and quiet shattered by a noisy generator that continues to run for hour after hour well into the evening whilst the owner tries to recharge his battery?


Why is it that your batteries go flat just when you need them, especially when you have no mains hook up?


We hear these comments SO many times. The SUPERCHARGER can produce up to 50 or 95 AMPS, that means the unit is working for MINUTES NOT HOURS.


By far the best method of providing your 240 volt AC power requirements is by using an INVERTER. This uses the 12 volt DC power from your battery and converts it to 240 VOLT AC power enabling you to use hairdryers, microwaves, laptops, satellite boxes etc.

Simply choose the size of invertor to suit your requirements, ie, a 300 watt hairdryer would require a 500 watt invertor, although experience shows that by choosing a 1000 watt inverter would suit most requirements ( not a microwave though, you will need approximately 1500 or even 2000 watt unit ) and will not use more power whilst running the hairdryer than the 500 watt will use.

( see our accessory section for our inexpensive range of inverters ).


The advantage you have with this method is that the SUPERCHARGER can quickly and effortlessly replace any used battery power in minutes, whilst mr generator man is running his generator for hour upon hour to watch television and only getting 8.3 amps12 volt power MAXIMUM from his generator........ WHILST ANNOYING EVERYONE!!!!!.

The SUPERCHARGER utilises a quiet muffler exhaust that produces approximately the same noise

level as a modern suitcase generator, see the full specifications for each model.


The SUPERCHARGER is the ultimate companion to solar panels, wind turbines, inverters etc, the SUPERCHARGER delivers the power when you need it, quickly, quietly and efficiently.