The Revolutionary Portable Petrol & LPG Battery Charger

Super Light Weight | Super Small | Super Quiet

SUPERCHARGER is a revolutionary portable petrol and LPG gas powered battery charger that has been especially engineered for the motorhome, caravan, boat, leisure and many off-grid applications.

Available as Petrol or Dual Fuel Units

50 or 95 Amp / 12 Volt and 70 Amp / 24 Volt Units

There is a SUPERCHARGER to suit every requirement!

SUPERCHARGER has been specifically designed with reliability in mind utilising proven automotive alternator technology combined with rugged switchgear and quiet, powerful and lightweight 4 stroke engines, SUPERCHARGER has proved to be an amazing success since its launch in 2012.

SUPERCHARGER has been engineered for complete ease of use giving the user a portable and safe efficient method of recharging 12 & 24 volt batteries, in minutes! You cannot overcharge and damage a battery using SUPERCHARGER, as the in built charge controller only allows the maximum amount of current that the battery will accept safely.

Backed by a full 12 months warranty

SUPERCHARGER is set to revolutionise the leisure industry and give you complete power freedom by eliminating the need for mains electric.

Using an inverter, SUPERCHARGER is by far the best method of providing 240 volt AC power.

This uses the 12 volt DC power from your battery and converts it to 240 volt AC power enabling you to use devices such as hairdryers, microwaves, laptops, satellite boxes.

Delivers power when you need it, quickly, quietly and efficiently.

Designed and Built in Britain

In the unlikely event that you break it, we can fix it!

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